Friday, October 23, 2009

World Series could be Tribe fan's worst nightmare

By Nick Carrabine

First, don’t let the headline of this blog mislead you.

As a Clevelander, I’m contractually obligated to still call myself a fan of the Indians despite not understanding a single thing they do.

Example, (as if you need one) Manny Acta, despite being almost 100 games under .500 as a manager for the worst franchise in all of sports, is the leading candidate to manage our, how should I put this, “ballclub. ”Hey, he’s bilingual, what else do you need in a manager?

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Braylon Trade Shows Another Draft Blunder

Once we’re all done making jokes about Braylon Edwards dropping the New Year’s ball in New York and finished pretending that he won’t boost the Jets offense, we can view yesterday’s trade for one of its large, yet underlying ramifications — that the Browns have no clue.

Edwards was likely leaving after this season anyway, so the front office got what they could. I get it, and on that front, the trade had to be done and results in a very minor success. But why did it come to this?

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-- Brandon C. Baker

Photo: Associated Press

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Edwards jersey kicked out of Carrabine’s closet

This just in: Braylon Edwards' jersey has been kicked out of News-Herald Staff Writer Nick Carrabine’s closet.

Sources close to the situation say there was a scuffle between the Edwards jersey and the LeBron James jersey which rests on a hanger two shirts over. No word on whether or not the Grady Sizemore jersey tried to play peacemaker between the two.

Rumors are swirling that the Edwards jersey was jealous that the James authentic old-school white and blue jersey was getting more attention in the closet.

The Edwards jersey has since been placed into a garbage can in Carrabine’s garage.

The garbage can, has a similar resemblance to Braylon Edwards himself.

Ever since receiving the Edwards jersey as a gift in August of 2008, it has been nothing but trouble.

The jersey was once the cause of a man yelling at Carrabine at Mick’s Pub & Grill in Willoughby during a Browns game during the 2008 season, where a man kept yelling “Hey 1-7, take a seat.” (that man was later kicked out. It’s not Carrabine’s fault he’s 6’1”)

It also caused extreme amounts of embarrassment and often times, the jersey was ripped off and left for dead on the ground at various establishments.

“If I would have known the Edwards jersey had problems with the LeBron jersey, I would have left the Edwards jersey on the ground after ripping it off in embarrassment at whatever place I was at,” Carrabine said Tuesday morning.

Carrabine also mentioned various occasions where he was verbally abused and hit with food by others while wearing the jersey.

No word on whether or not the Edwards jersey will be replaced with another Browns jersey, seeing as only a buffoon would spend money on this team right now.

Also no word on whether or not Carrabine is a buffoon, although sources suggest he is.

Stay tuned.

Nick Carrabine