Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cavs stuck between rock and hard place

As if Delonte West didn’t already have enough on his plate.

Weeks after being arrested on gun charges, he doesn’t show up to either of the team’s first two practices Tuesday.

This comes a day after he told the media he was back on his medication (West suffers from mood disorders) and was ready to focus on basketball.

News-Herald sports editor Mark Podolski, who I talked to following media day, told me West seemed to be in pretty good spirits while talking to media and teammates.

Usually, missing practice unannounced is beyond unacceptable on any team for any sport.

West has had a summer to forget and now as we dip into the most important training camp of this franchise’s history with expectations through the roof, the Cavaliers cannot afford to have these distractions.

Last year, West experienced a similar situation where he was excused from the team for two weeks during training camp to get therapy.

But how do you deal with a player who suffers from a mental illness?

West seems like a good guy who hasn’t made the best decisions of late. The question is why is the shooting guard, who seems to be a very well-liked player on the team, making these mistakes?

Is the mood disorder causing this erratic behavior or does West have us fooled and maybe his recent actions just reflect who he really is?

While I think it has a lot to do with the former and not much to do with the latter, the Cavaliers have to find this out and address this matter swiftly and appropriately.

Because of his mood disorder, they have to be careful and sensitive while dealing with the situation, but how much more can the Cavaliers take?

No one’s even mentioned yet how the legal process, which I’m sure is weighing in on West, is going to effect his play.

I love West. He’s not a typically-sized NBA player but he makes up for his lack of strength and size with heart, hustle and toughness. He’s a better than average role player who was the second best player during the 2009 playoff run.

I hope he gets the help he needs not just for the sake of this team, but I’m truly concerned for his well-being.

-Nick Carrabine

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Bumday

The Cleveland Indians are no longer the lone losers in this city.

The Browns will give them a run for their money until Oct. 27 when the Cavaliers’ season starts and this city and its fans can get back to business.

Another NFL season is underway and once again, the Browns will be irrelevant.

The Vikings, who were surprisingly only a 3 1/2 point favorite to beat the Clowns, got a subpar performance from ancient quarterback Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson didn’t really “get it going” until the game was out of hand.

Yet the Browns still looked disoriented out on the football field and were vastly outplayed.

Peterson had two touchdowns in the red zone while the game was still meaningful, but yardage wise didn’t put a dent into the stat sheet until the fourth quarter.

In more important news, Peterson, my first overall pick in The News-Herald Fantasy Football League, scored half my points this weekend.

So, I got that going for me, which is nice.

Too bad he won’t be playing the Browns defense each week.

Back to the Browns. There is Joshua Cribbs and then there is everyone else.

Everyone else can go, Cribbs may stay (If the Browns choose to pay other words, nice knowing ya Josh.)

Heartthrob Brady Quinn, who somehow has been appointed this city’s savior for accomplishing virtually nothing, pretty much did, well, virtually nothing on Sunday.

He racked up about 100 passing yards and a touchdown during garbage time in the fourth quarter.

The only thing on offense that impressed me was Jamal Lewis, who inexplicably only got 11 carries despite racking up 57 yards and dragging out extra yardage as three Viking defensive lineman clawed onto his back.

Braylon Edwards was Braylon Edwards and the rest of the Browns were still the Browns.

Translation: Other NFL teams win, The Browns lose.

In more important news, I was up against Edwards in another fantasy league.

Translation: My fantasy team > fantasy opponent.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m much more devoted with keeping track of my three fantasy football teams then I am with following this AFL team trapped in the NFL.

I mean, I’ll follow, but it’s hard to get up for a game when you know each week we’re going to get pounded while trying to figure out how in the world to score a touchdown.

Christopher Columbus can be taking snaps from rookie Center Alex Mack and even he wouldn’t discover the end zone.

On the bright side, Oct. 27 is only six weeks away.

-Nick Carrabine