Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Itching to play Boston

While the Cavaliers enjoy another eight day layoff, I’ll be on pins and needles rooting for the Boston Celtics.

After all, Boston is the new Detroit.

I hate them.

The Cavaliers will do things to Boston that will make co-owner Wycliffe Grousbeck re-consider registering his team for the 2009-2010 NBA season.

If one thing has to be done, it is to shut Eddie House’s mouth.

This scrub annoys me. You would think, by the way he acts, he hit the game winning jumper in Game 7 of the NBA Finals after every shot he makes.

What happened to being professional and acting like you've "been there" before? Put a lid on it Mr. House.

If I were an Orlando fan, I’d be grateful for Rafer Alston who smacked House upside the head after going on one of his one-man parades after a successful jumper attempt. Alston got suspended for his smack, but it was well worth it. However, the slap didn’t knock any sense into House, who continually embarrasses himself after every score.

I don’t mind players showing emotion, but House’s antics are completely uncalled for.

Magic’s power forward Rashard Lewis has already called out Boston’s immaturity during the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

“It most definitely adds fuel to the fire,” Lewis said. “We don’t like that type of stuff. You have to be professional about the game of basketball. We’re a professional team and we expect them to be the same way.

“Those guys were jumping up and down, waving their hands at us, saying bye, but it’s not over yet; it’s just 2-2,” Lewis added. “We could have done the same thing when we won on their court, but we’re more professional than that. They still have to win ballgames. The series ain’t over yet.”

With all due respect Lewis, step aside and let some real men handle these scum bags from Boston.

-Nick Carrabine


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